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Mission Statement of the ROA

  • To protect and advance the interests of all owners, while ensuring an excellent racehorse ownership experience.
  • We believe this should be an experience that extends from the sales ring to the racecourse.
  • In addition to providing superior service to existing owners, we strive to encourage the participation of new owners in horseracing.
  • It is the current as well as the prospective owner that the ROA must attract, retain and reward.

In response to much of the research we have conducted over the year and as an attempt at removing some of the barriers to entry for potential ownership, one of the initiatives we have developed and are proud to present is the Racehorse Owners Association – Social Membership

With this new option, our aim is to attract and retain 18–35-year-old, diverse, and upwardly mobile individuals through social membership. While we will strive to enlist a new younger audience, there will be no age limit on this membership option. Any person interested in horseracing and ownership is welcome to apply.

Social members need not be individual colour holders with the NHRA nor own shares in a thoroughbred racehorse … just yet.

By partnering with select, established owners within the ROA, social members will have the opportunity to preview racehorse ownership and enjoy the many benefits that come along with it. Members will also have the chance to meet fellow young racing fans as well as network with professionals in the industry.

Our focus is to introduce new patrons to the sport through positive experiences participating in horseracing, hearing the stories first-hand and therefore removing intimidating factors and preconceptions.

Racehorse ownership should be aspirational but attainable and we believe this initiative provides one way where we can enable potential owners to begin their journey to owning a racehorse.